Men who stare at Gotes

Just got this 1962 Tote Gote "Trail Skeeter" from the original owner with all the paper work
:drool: :drool: :drool: DAMN Gote Rider.... Thats a NICE one.... I just saw that movie for the first time the other day.. It's pretty funny I guess.. Kinda silly... Thats a nice ass bike you have though FOR SHORE! :thumbsup:
I'm waiting on a response to an ad on okc cl for a tote-gote for 110$ Probably gone, I was late catching the posting! Will know tomorrow! I have ridden one but never owned one!
This is a really rare old gote. There should be a model number stamped into the engine mounting plate in front of the motor on the right side. This number would help determine how rare it is. Could you post it for us? What ever you do keep this old skeeter intact.
I have been working on putting a time-line together for the tote gotes. You could help me by posting the serial # on your Skeeter. Here is a ad showing Ralph Bonham riding his invention. I think this is the only tote gote that predates the Skeeter.
The serial number was found stamped into the left side steering tube of the frame. It is SKCE-2
hey... on an off note... I swear to god if I ever have ten bucks to my name I'm gonna send ya this gas tank. :lol: I know ya gotta just about be dying for it by now huh? I never think about it when I have the money. :doah: I still have your address though. :thumbsup: