Metal Motosports Rivet Black paint?

I think Sears/Kmart/Northern Tool sold red ones as "Doodlebugs", Tractor Supply sold blue ones as "Dirt Bugs", so who sold the lime green and yellow? I guess Pep Boys is now selling the "Rivet" under a different parent than Baja.
There was several diferent names for each color sold by Baja in the past. So they used DB30 for the model and a name such as Baja Blitz for the color. When Baja bought exclusive rights to the new model Hensim the manufacture of the motor created a network to sell the old style bike and call it Rivet as Baja owns the rights to the names of it's own line. Untill they sell off all the old bikes that are repainted early production you'll find a Baja color under the black paint. When they start selling black bikes without some other color under the black it means they have sold off all the old stock.