Michigan Ice Racing ??


Took these today when I was working down by the docks, :no: not looking good for ice racing down hear.

And can anyone tell me why photos taken and posted with an iPad show up in the profile upside down -but are correct when you click on them? :shrug:
I was on anchor bay last 2 days drag racing my sled. There were lots of bikes and quads. Next weekend if I go I'll ask them if we get a decent group if they would let us participate. Im going to see if some of my old spare snowmobile studs will work in the rear tire. Looks like that's what most guys on quads and dirt bikes have.

If everyone that drag races and street races minis in metro Detroit had a spare tire for the ice we probably could start our own gig lol.

Anchor bay in fair haven and white lake are the 2 hot spots I know of for sled/bike/quad racing on ice. The downside is with fresh snow on top we would need a plowed surface for drags or oval racing. And as mentioned we would need a permit to plow.


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The time is near so I figured I would revive this thread, bike is almost race ready and I'm excited to get out on the ice and do some racing.


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Wow :eek: was that how they were studded last year? Do the kold-kutters work? Those tire look to have a little different lug pattern then the Carlisle snow hogs.


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Those tires are gonna tear up the ice if they work. I'm curious if he will have enough weight to get them to dig in, they are designed for snowmobile tracks. If they do dig in you won't want to be behind him that's for sure:eek:
Well for the first time in 6 years the Chrome Wreckers Dirt Racing wont be having the New Years Day Race,most of the guys are sick or out of town.:frown:


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I would check with Lucky Thumb and see if they would add a class for mini bikes to one of their sled races, even if it is just an exhibition race to get something going.

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oldsledtz thanks for the tip! I made it happen we now have a spot for minis to race this sat the 4th. Talked to Ron nice guy who was open on the deal. So the white lake gang and who ever else is interested come on out to have some fun.:smile: Again thank you to oldsledtz for the tip.:thumbsup: