Mikuni throttle cables

Quick question. Anyone installed a mikuni on a coleman ct200 EX? I have a genuine vm22 mikuni but need a throttle cable. I don’t know what length cable I need and I don’t know if I need the straight cable or 90 degree cable to hookup to the factory twist throttle.

I also need the same information for a Baja Warrior as it will be getting a mikuni as well.

And if by chance y’all have the information for a doodlebug then I’ll be all set as far as my current projects go.

Thanks for any help folks.


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Be careful since installing a Mukuni 22mm carburetor effectively bypasses the govenor since there is no linkage to the govenor to back off the throttle. I am not sure if there is billet flywheeld and connecting rods for that engine and most engines are governor limited to usually 3600rpms so keeping it under 4000rpms is recommended without billet flywheels and rods since sustained high rpms can lead to rod or flywheel failure.