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the mini bike throw down was fun but bumpy and dusty I saw quite a few wipeouts. one disappeared in the dust cloud ahead of me. I couldn't see him and had to guess where he was to avoid hitting him. the throw down group always puts on a great event. I still have a few little things to do but I think I'm mostly ready for the Wachusset valley race this weekend. you guys ready?
I know there was a mini bike race today but I had to miss it, I just got ahold of the biggest project of my life so far. I just got my house and it needs a lot of work. I've spent the last few days moving in. and my projects all just got put on hold until the house is finished. I will be out of touch for a few days I don't have internet at the new place yet. I should still be able to make the next mini bike race at the spencer fairgrounds. see you guys then.
The WVR Facebook schedule says there is a couple more in October followed by Family Fun Sundays. And then a Sat/ Sun Family Fun Weekend late in the month. I’m sure Gumpit or Rich D. will post.
Did anyone get to Spencer and how was it?
Congrats on the house! [MENTION=24337]joshua. c.[/MENTION]