2 Held Super Bronc mini bikes - 1 is a VT10 which is all complete & 1 is a VT8 which needs to be reassembled.

1 Terrafloat that is complete except for the throttle handle.

Extra parts include bar tires which do have some cracks in them, fender, set of forks, tires, etc.

This is sold as all together, shipping costs are not included, and price is firm.

$2800.00. E65DA628-846A-4CF4-B374-66221FC18287.jpeg 3FC81BA9-9916-4C04-8937-45EA8DD548E1.jpeg 3B430A55-40DC-49A4-AADE-5CF3F563DC52.jpeg 2758EC31-43B2-4274-94D7-20D914B7AA53.jpeg D403DD67-71D8-48A8-90A0-6DB58FE3E5EF.jpeg 91919B46-B055-4009-A422-36B849903B8A.jpeg
hello from Denver, Colorado!!!! david here!!! I know you want to sell the whole package, but would you consider $2,000.00 for just the vt-10??? the reason is because the shipping companies don't like to have so many extra boxes to deal with. is the vt-10 a good running bike? where would I need to have my shipper get. town, state??? your bike looks great and I hope you will consider my offer. all the other stuff will still bring a great price, maybe more than just a $800.00 . please call me direct at 303-885-4705. cash in hand and ready to buy and ship. thanks so much for your time. david/ cool breeze!!