mini one's - Trail Blazer "The Flying Dupa II" - (Just For Fun)

First time entering but I think I have enough to at least build a rider! I figured if I posted a pic it would force me to get my priorities straight and get my dupa in the garage more. Now you know what dupa means (it's a Polish word with a few meanings). The original Flying Dupa was a blue Arco aka the blue bomber both nicknames given by my parents/grandfather? (don't remember) when I was a kid in the late 70's. My apologies as I could not get the pic rotated permanently, ugh.


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Found out it was most likely orange-ish red originally, cleaned up a few old parts that will work and found two Tecumsehs at a garage sale with a linkage I think I can use on the H50. Not sure what that red engine is yet but I figured it would be worth getting.
Made some aluminum fender spacers since those thin fenders can use all the reinforcements they can get.
I think I'm going with the four shock set-up that the "loaded" Trail Horses and Blazers had. Like the gold one in the picture.
Not sure on the color yet.


Having a hard time deciding on a color/paint/powder coat. I sprayed a Kohler K-91? tank GM orange-red quick just to see if it would be close to the first coat of paint this bike had underneath. Turned out more orange than red but I like it. The original? was more of a true red now that I got down to a larger patch of it, but I'm not really hung up on bone-stock originality.
Opinions on the chrome forks now that I stripped them? I'm thinking the chrome is decent enough to keep and then maybe mask off that top plate piece and hit it with some chrome paint and see how much of a hack job it looks like. That "chrome" powder coating that Bryce used is NICE though. Anyone know of a place that does chrome here in the NE?
Big thanks to all of the members here that have helped me out with parts and knowledge.
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With the warm spell here in NY, 60 degrees plus, I was able to get a few things done.
Polished the wheels with steel wool and then a lot of polishing with Mothers brand polish. There's a before and after pic. I still might polish them more but between making a couple seat covers up and the polishing my fingers are feeling it. Just wanted to try the seat making out since I had the materials.
I put an extra T-Nut towards the back of the seat so I could have something to mount the tank bracket that I haven't made yet. I'de like to keep from wrapping hose clamps around the outside frame and be able to get to the remote tank under the seat without having to hinge the seat.
Found a pair of pegs that I thought I'de lost/sold.

Stuck a picture in of the little casting voids left when the head was poured?
The pictures came out a little distorted for some reason.
I feel ya on polishing up wheels. Once completed though, they look really nice so it's almost kinda worth it... sorta.

Great work so far.
Man, times flies, got the frame and swing arm painted during that warm spell, didn't like the original red though. Going with a metallic blue. Pics coming soon!
Changed from red to metallic blue, the red under it gives it a little more purple-blue look but so be it. Put a little blue flake on the black swing arm. Thought I would go with the original Shroud but now that I've painted it you can see every little ding, if I've got time I'll swap it for a straighter one that i have.
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Thanks guys, the silver paint was Krylon Maxx silver, which came out looking more "chrome" than others I've bought as "chrome" lol. Glad I switched colors from red to blue now that it's looking more like a ridable mini again.
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Got it finished except for a fork plate decal (and the foot pegs I left in NY) & down to Gomas swap meet for a quick spin around and didn't get a video of it dang it! Was busy talking and checking parts & bikes over. Oh well video coming soon for proof - or if I can't upload I'll have some of the usual suspects here vouch for me lol. BTW Great seeing everyone there and thanks to our host for having the swap meet, it was a great time.