18 & Under Mini trike build

This is my mini trike build. I was waiting to build one but just never had the time or reason. Until my school project, to do something we were passionate about and wanted to learn more about. So I took advantage of the opportunity and started to build this. The rear axle and suspension is from a 90cc kids Chinese atv, that needed to be cut all apart and re centered. Since the shock and swing arm mounts were offset. I am not sure what paint or styling I should go for so any ideas would be very helpful.
20190121_215201.jpg IMG954652.jpg

Braidens thank you for entering the build off.

As per the rules, you need to have a book in your entry photo. (Any book) This is a rule designed to ensure all of us started a bike after January 1st, and before February 1st. Once you do that, you will be entered in the build off. Thank you!