Minibike Dirt Racing in MI. ???

Ha! That's great. We have 5 - 6 guys and we have one flag guy who counts laps and we figure out positioning after.(it's usually pretty simple) I was thinking about your PM and I wondering what the likely hood is of have a few mini bike events in between lawn mower races? It's something I have been thinking about looking into over here but since we do more of a road course it's not really our style.
Ive checked into that already with no interest on there part with many reasons,over on the state side. I agree a dirt road coarse is a better then a oval.
Yeah, I figured so much. Probably over the winter... I want to talk to some of the lawn tractor guys here and see how they originally organized. Maybe use their model to start a mini bike league. I'm sure the interest is out there just need to figure out the legal and liabilities.:hammer:
Yeah. but there's nothing around anymore.:eek:ut: I plan on starting something on the forum to look for input from people who have organized events. (waiting on a screen name change) Maybe get a group of like minded people together. It just sucks that we live in a world of sue happies and it's tough (and too risky) to openly invite people out for a good day of racing.
Sorry... just looking back on my previous post... the :eek:ut: was meant to say that it's crazy they don't still have mini bike racing like that any more. Re-reading it could be implied that I was mocking your post <<< Not my intent by any means.
It was mentioned to me buy a racer of the Chrome Wreckers Racing crew that they want to go at it with the backyard dirt racing again. This time they want to do it with flat heads. With a pipe and a jet for mods,thats it. There rat rod guys and I think this would be cool. Will keep you posted.
So if anybody has anything going on,post it. We have 6 ready to race minis with flatheads or clones. Was really hoping for a fall race schedule with the old crew...
our track is still underwater..and 50% of of bikes are still being rebuilt haha there are some rumors that we might be getting a second track near leamington (northish of Windsor). Since one of our racers is away working a month at a time our LOMBRA events will be once or twice every two months. If we get the second track we will run there during the off month as a second group (maybe something like and East West thing) We will have our first race date announced soon. most likely the second weekend of may
Sound good! Iam glad there is a place to have fun with these dirt built minis! State side,i don't know what there going to do. The vintage flat head deal would be fun,but no updates:shrug: There is a minibike swap and show next sunday in royal oak,Mi. Check it out.
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