Minibike Dirt Racing in MI. ???

don't know how far ya'll want to drive but I have given serious thought to a dirt flat track oval or road course style track in 1-2 of my fields and maybe a dirt drag in my longer back field but I'm in se ky. straight shot down I-75 about 2 hrs past lexington. doubt it willbe this summer as i have my hands full with a barn turned to shop project and a elderly father in bad health, but I hope to have somethin to play on next summer.
There has to be some guys that like to race in a circle on dirt!!!!! We have a spot in taylor that we race around a water retention pond. We are wanting to do this tomorrow afternoon. If interested pm me. Thanks....
This sunday oct-6 @1:00 we will have 6 racers at the taylor dirt oval spot. PM me if you want to join in. 4'' and 6'' wheel minis will be there.
Sounds like fun to me. Too bad I live in FL. LOL I've been to Taylor, MI. I had a cousin that was a VP at Chrysler and he got one of my brothers the family discount on a 1977 Dodge Aspen. I flew up to MI with him and helped drive it home. I drove it like I stole it and he NEVER had any problems with that car. Our sister bought one the same day and opted for the slant 6 with a manual overdrive (Joe got the 318 auto) and had tons of problems with it. She sold it and got a Buick.
It is ! I used to run with a group a few years back doing the same and we would do 25 to 50 laps. We would have a enduro race that was a 100 laps.....