Monster Scooter Parts

Have any of you guys ever purchased anything from the above mentioned vendor? I'm looking at a few things there and was just wondering about the quality of their parts and if they are good people to deal with. Any input is appreciated. I'm looking at tires and springs right now. Harbor Freight is having a sale next week and the Predator 6hp engine will be on sale for about $100. I'm SERIOUSLY thinking about getting one for the Doodle Bug.
Thanks for that, boggie. Harbor Freight MIGHT be my next stop. Then Monster Scooter. I can't decide if I want to put a couple hundred bucks in this thing or not. It's fun to ride around the hood, but I can by another car in excellent running condition and a near perfect body for an extra hundred. Hmmmmm, decisions, decisions. I've been wanting a manual shift station wagon for a while and now have a chance to get one dirt cheap. Lady doesn't know what she's got.