Moon Discs for Mini Bikes?

Anybody have a set of Moon discs for there mini-bike? :shrug: I've seen them on old go karts (or atleast that is what they look like) but I've never seen them on any mini-bikes. Does anybody have a idea on how you could make them? I've been thinking but haven't had a good idea yet. Wouldn't they be cool? :thumbsup:

if you could find a pot with an aluminum lid at the dollar store thatd be the ticket. even if its got a handle on top yove got to cut a hole for the axle anyway on a bike. I have some steel chrome 6" domed ones from old mowers . the chrome is shot on them but id like to use them on something someday. Also I got a nos set of full size 16" aluminum ones from a garage sale for 20$ a couple weeks ago :thumbsup: they attatch with 3 screws around the lip
Actually if you search the kitchen gadget or plumbing section you can find some cool stuff to modify. This is a vegetable steamer basket with part of back cut out to dress up wheels on Thunderbird - wheels still need to be repainted silver.