mountainmini's - Bonanza 1100 - (Vintage Class)

You need a picture of your build with a sign and stuffed animal for your entry. A moderator will help you if your having problems. Thank you for entering.
i was going to put a recently purchased AH58 on this bike until i was lucky enough to get the name of a guy in brandon mississippi that had the engine that really belonged on this bike. the guys name is bob muha and he has power products motors of all kinds. he is currently building me a vintage AH82 and he is going to send me pictures as he does this build. this is truly going to be the crown jewel on this bike. this bike is going to be a monster. here are a couple pictures that he sent me today.

IMG_3369.JPG IMG_3370.JPG IMG_3371.JPG IMG_3372.JPG
I received the ah82 from bob muha. He did a great job on it. The only things that need to be done to complete the motor are shroud paint, change out exhaust header, and add the stp sticker to the air cleaner. The fabrication is moving slowly but i don't anticipate any problems other that the front fork assembly. I'm really haven't come up with any good ideas on how i'll be able to duplicate the original. If anyone has any ideas or even some parts that closely resemble the original, please let me know. I've attached some pictures. Thanks. POWER PRODUCTS AH82 040.JPG POWER PRODUCTS AH82 046.JPG BONANZA 056.jpg BONANZA 061.jpg
Do a search of Bonanza BC 1100. I believe the front fork lowers look just like the ones on my BC 1300. If so, OldMiniBikes warehouse has them with springs and the top plugs. Your engine looks cool as heck!
I'm still not sure I'll make it but here's where I'm at with my BONANZA #1 tribute. IMG_3669.JPG
After all this work I'm beginning to see what the BONANZA guys in SAN JOSE had to deal with in getting this bike built. My struggle has been with getting all the old parts and getting the FAB correct. Please look closely at this bike and notice all the unique features.
well the paint is done. this is the part that is a huge guessing game. the only thing left that i need is the seat. the #1 used a really different seat and i can only hope it will look close to the original. my brother is getting that made in California and i hope to get it to meet the next Wednesday deadline. i'll attach some pics of what i'm talking about.

BONANZA 066.jpg

nothing like cutting it close. i still don't have the seat from California yet but I've attached a pic. the guy did a great job. it looks really close to the original. I've also attached a pic of the #1 badge on the forks. i thought this came out really well also. well I've got 1 day left to get this done.