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Hello from Phx.
Just got into the shop...Narrow hoop,lightweight wheels, Slicks,wide seat pan..Ready to restore, it sure would help if I knew what the heck it was lol. Any help would be appreciated. As always, thanks in advance. Is it too early to say happy holidays? Phxminiguy52 20181129_193207.jpg 20181129_193305.jpg 20181129_193338.jpg 20181129_193540.jpg 20181129_193235.jpg 20181129_193325.jpg


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You were absolutely right. Your expertise and knowledge is unmatched as far as I'm concerned.
Verified as a 67 or 68 Bug Sprint .
Thank you Markus...
Happy Holidays. .
No Problem, but I cant really take all the credit. My friend Google found it for me in like 30 seconds feeding him some common sense keywords, even showed me the repopped ones they made and sold around 2009, have fun with it!