Mtd build ratrod

Started with a frame that was damaged AAD30E56-876B-4E03-AD71-8074EF3D7BED.jpeg

Then found some mtd wheels and sprocket off the ugly mtd model

Sprocket was a bit bigger but worked well for my expectation (no aftermarket parts)


Finally swapped my spare motor H35 on and seat from my scrap pile


Then mounted fenders that took forever to source and fixed missing rear bracket and footpeg brackets

Then sourced the rare chain guard and made a bracket for it and fixed broken foot pegs


Finally stuck older decals on newer engine to kind of blend it in a bit better


Kind of a neat built just found parts here and there may replace the seat later on

Started in sept 2018 and finished mid December 2018

Would like to swap the late model shroud with one more period correct
Also decided to put an early model H35 tag on the shroud just cause I had it...may replace later if I find an early model shroud

If anyone has one let me know

I have a few mtd’s and this one is by far my favorite and rides great

As requested a few closeups of the rear bracket I made that was broken off to mount the rear fender


I don’t weld much anymore so I’m a little rusty but all in all they turned out decent


The front spring was cracked and rusty and I found my spare I had nickel plated for my red mtd

Looks out of place but it does the job


With advise from a few other guys I Flipped the air cleaner and it’s fits great now! (Not sure why I didn’t think of that...

All that is left is to swap the Tec housing to an earlier model to give a more period correct look (Markus found me one on eBay)

Stay tuned...

Who knows I may end up powdercoating it back to pearl teal...
C81E0674-D29A-4186-B860-1BEA0B21CE16.jpeg 082BB3EB-1C83-4BE1-B9FC-DBE117ACCBAB.jpeg

Just need to get a better gas cap and powdercoat the tank bracket

Unfortunately the aftermarket recoil was absolute crap and had to order an oem one which should be here Friday...for now I robbed one off my hs50

Happy with how it turned out!!! it’s not perfect but it looks a bit closer to how it came minus the rust and random paint


Got it put back together and torqued down

It was a long day today so didn’t have time to ride it with the new shroud but I let it run a while and I believe my gas is a bit old

Going to pick up some fresh gas tomorrow after work and take it around the block

I’m afraid the engine seems to look a bit better than the rest of the bike but it works

My new recoil and bracket is at the powdercoater still...I cut the old bracket I had to use my old style tank and using my other recoil for now

I’m digging this bike more than my others and this H35 is not slouch they all do about 25-30mph which more than enough for me

This summer I may pull the fenders off and powdercoat them the original color and redo the wheels in white. So the only thing that is crusty is the chain guard, frame and fork.