MTD Mini Bike

Thanks massacre, I found a manual online after posting my last post. It also said 1 1/2 turns on the main and 1 turn on the air bleed. When I started to take mine apart the first thing I did was count how many turns in I had and the main was 3/4 turns, the air bleed was 3/8 of a turn. I'll try richening them up and trying again. The plug that is in it looked pretty good but of course that was back when it was leaded gas and no ethanol.

So the side Welch plug, do I need to get in it? Like I said the one I have is aluminum and much thicker than the replacement I got in the kit. I also wonder if I have a plugged air bled passage is why it won't keep ruin. I'll probably wait for the correct kit before I do anything as my float bowl has the drain on it and I put a small Orting on it because the original rubber seal broke. Of course it leaks. I'll probably fix that and then try the recommended turns discussed above beefier doing anything else. While the catbird was certainly dirty, it wasn't real bad. It had a little sediment but I have seen MUCH worse.
I replaced the Welch plugs on my carb when I rebuilt it. No reason not to imho.
Also there is no air bleed on these carbs, there are only 2 jets, high speed and idle. Not to get technical but these Tecumseh carbs are not like the Mikuni style carbs that have a fuel jet and an air bleed.
Have you seen other carbs with aluminum plug instead of the steel plate on the side? A sharpened chisel is not going to get this one out! I planned on drilling and using a wood screw to screw into it and then a pair of pliers to remove it. But it might take a slide hammer to get it out.
So I got the new carb kit in, used what I needed from it and got it installed yesterday. Massacre, I looked at the aluminum plug I was talking about previously and it isn't coming out. I did have a small hole in it from when I thought it needed to come out (drilled it). My thought was maybe it was suckng air and that was why it wouldn't stay running. To check I just put electrical tape over it to see. Got it all together and it started and ran with a couple of pulls, sweet. Played with the adjustments and got it where it idles well and will accelerate pretty good (wheels not on it so can't ride it yet), will fine tune once I get it rideable. Looked at the electrical tape on the side of the carb I used to seal up my screw up ;) and I could see where it is sucked into the hole from the vacuum. Confirms my thought that it was sucking air through the hole. After 45 or so years, it lives. Did notice that even with new bowl gasket the carb drips gas, wipe it off and it comes right back. It has to have a pinhole in the float bowl. Couldn't find it though. Have a new one coming along with some spokes that I'm pretty sure from what I have found should fit, fingers crossed on that. They are for a Honda xr50, the same length from what I read and the same number of spokes. Will see next week.