Muffler out of empty propane cylinders?

Looking at replacement mufflers for a couple of my mini bikes, the aftermarket mufflers are just stupid expensive for what they are.
I've seen gas tanks made from empty one pound propane torch cylinders, so has anyone here made a muffler from them as well?
i.e, cutting off one end of a cylinder bottle and inserting baffles and using another empty cylinder bottles end to complete the body of the muffler?
I made one that way from one of those several years ago to help quiet down a 4 stroke honda 100 of mine and it actually came out great and worked very well.
I just slid it over the exhaust pipe tip where the original baffle was missing until it was flush where the exhaust exits then brazed both ends in a complete circle and it seemed to cut the noise level down quite a bit and looked great too.