Need Ideas For Attaching Bellypan/Gravel Guard

I made three of these over the weekend for the CT200u.


But haven't figured out how to attach it to the frame. Would just drilling and bolting to the frame significantly weaken the frame? Should I come up w/ an attachment mounting system using brackets, or? :confused:

I think that 3 attachment points along the frame (two along bottom, one at front), then one or two at the rear crossbar will work.



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I think the best way to attach it would be with welded on tabs along the inside of the frame. Then simply bolt it on.
Like the way an aluminum floor pan is attached to a race kart frame.
The clamp should work fine, this is what I used to attach a pan to one of my bikes years ago, solid as a rock.

First bolt would attach the clamp to the frame, then the screw to keep the pan on.

Thank you all for the ideas!

For the 1st one I am going with the one-sided clips mentioned by [MENTION=53722]FOMOGO[/MENTION]. I was able to pick them up yesterday at HD (3/4" EMT One-Hole Strap). I am painting the 1st pan black for the military-themed CT so I think the industrial look of the one-sided clips will be OK.

Thanks to [MENTION=56569]Charles S[/MENTION] , I ordered those stainless steel clamps for my son's ride, which will stay the shiny aluminum and deserves a cleaner look.

[MENTION=55688]PAP[/MENTION] - Unfortunately u-bolts will not work because I didn't make the pans wide enough. Thanks for the idea though.

I will post up photos when I get them on. I was surprised how easy the aluminum was to cut. Darn expensive, but easy to work with.
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You can accomplish a lot with fat zip ties. :thumbsup:

The skid plate on my dirt bike attaches w/metal bracket/hook thingies that grab the frame tubes. Button headed machine screws go through the skid plate and into captive nut on the bracket. Tighten the screws and the whole thing clamps to the frame. The button heads slide over rocks w/no damage at all.
Tom is correct. You want to use button head bolts as they wont grab anything that you are crossing. You can find them at Lowes or HD or ACE.



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Super nice. Extending it out in front of the back tire should help protect from mud that would normally get onto the back of the engine block.
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