New Motovox MBX10 build...

I hadn't​ been trolling Craigslist for bikes for a while, simply because I have had my hands full, but for one reason or another, I looked and found this Motovox MBX10 for sale for $100. Was a new post, and too cheap to pass on, so I jumped on it.
I wasted no time in tearing it apart...
The dude I got it from said they couldn't keep a chain on it and it was pretty obvious why. Both rear wheel spacers that center the wheel were missing and it had some kind of generic gear, bearings and washers attached as a tensioner.
Luckily I have extra front spacers to cut down and my daughter's Motovox to reference.
With the rear wheel centered, a new tire ordered and the Jerry-rigged tensioner removed,(have a proper spare tensioner amongst my many parts) it was time to do something about the hideous plastic fenders...
Of course, after a good wash.
Going back to my spares, I dug up a couple of Doodlebug fenders and a lower set of MX style bars off my daughter's old Raxor MX350 electric dirt bike and swapped out the rusty handlebar clamp hardware. I carefully and evenly bent down the original steel fender brackets to mount the DB fender right over the back tire.
The lines were bothering me and the fender needed some cutting and re-shaping to look like it belonged.
I then moved on to the front, making a nearly identical matching front fender out of another rear DB fender.
Making use of my spare parts, I am trying to keep this one on the cheap. Custom fenders free...
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#3're regular local supplier of modded midsize(i call em) minis..had a chance to buy a motovox roller $100 a bit back..glad it wasn't closer to drive to..haha. I don't sell em so i really don't need cool to see how it comes out..
Looking good Daniel!! Like where the paint scheme is going! Amazing what a couple simple cuts on those fenders do for their looks!! Your builds are always top notch and fun to watch!!
Looking good Daniel!! Like where the paint scheme is going! Amazing what a couple simple cuts on those fenders do for their looks!! Your builds are always top notch and fun to watch!!
Thanks man. Your compliments and suggestions are always appreciated.
Got both fenders done, and now out in the light, when the sun hits it just so, you can see the metallic rainbow shimmer, you couldn't see inside.
A long day of cleaning, masking and painting. The forks are done. I will let the silver and red paint on the faux tank dry overnight, then mask back over my design and shoot the rest of the frame in gloss black tomorrow morning. Then remove all the masking, make any touch ups by hand necessary before shooting the metallic clear coat.
Had an idea to use some bailing wire to hang my frame from my daughter's basketball hoop to shoot the gloss black...
Worked out well and I will let the frame dry overnight before shooting the clear coat.
Got the frame finally finished and am stoked with my rattle can paint job. Pics just don't do it much justice. When the sun light bounces off this thing it's beautiful.
I tried my best to get a good shot of the top of the frame, but my pics keep coming out shadowed and blurry. I did manage to capture it good on the steering stem and tank. The flake job dances in the sunshine and changes colors at different angles.
I'm liking the Good Wrench theme....reminds me of the #3 car ! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
Thanks man, but damn it... So not what I was going for... Lol. No disrespect to the late, great Dale Earnhardt Sr or his fans, but I have never been one much for CRASHCAR (NASCAR). Although NASCAR's outlaw moonshine roots are cool as hell, I just get dizzy watching them good ol boys drive in circles until someone crashes spectacularly. Lol. Kidding...

She's coming around... I need to order parts and make a decision on which powerplant I'm using. I have a couple of options. Definitely won't be a slouch, so I guess I will take a nod to NASCAR in that respect.
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After searching through my mess of spares I dug out a brand new set of grips and pieced together a throttle assembly outta 3 different broken throttles I had. I also managed to lube and free up a rusted throttle cable I had replaced on one of my buddies bikes to use.
After replacing the rusty axles with a couple that are in better shape and installing my spare chain tensioner, there's nothing left to do but order some parts and spend a little $ to finish this thing. I'm impressed with what I have managed to throw together with unused spares and a little paint. Don't feel bad spending $70 on a new seat now

I have a sprocket adapter from BMI Karts, a new seat from Monster Scooter Parts and an X7 super pocket bike master cylinder from eBay on order and in shipment... I have an extra spare brake line and an unused 57t split sprocket to bring it all together. Then it's motor time!
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