Next project on deck-70' Speedway Scorpion

Happy with the way my 70' Scrambler turned out, I finally am going to clean this up and get it going. I won this from an Ebay auction about 15 years ago for $400. (that was the going rate before vintage mini bike prices skyrocketed). Loaded my wife in the truck and drove from Syracuse, NY to Kannapolis, NC to pick it up. Got a speeding ticket in NC so that adds to the bottom line! Bike is 95%+ original. Dealer sales sticker on front fender, original horn, seat, kill switch, rear brake switch, headlight switch, grips and control. No paint touch-ups here. Gently degreasing with diesel fuel or parts cleaner, polishing the chrome, a couple of correct decals, check the engine out for new rings, coil, etc.


joshua. c.

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Thats a cool bike, it still has the origenal disk brake calipers, you dont see those often. Ive seen many bikes with them removed ( posibly due to the ouners not knowing how to fix them when something broke or wore out.)


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i would agree the front disc caliper assembly is usually missing. i think i have one speedway with an original front brake assembly. when missing i replace it with a Db30 disc caliper, which works a lot better (and you can get parts, or replace the whole thing for $15.) The original speedway front disc brake kind of sucked as far as stopping goes too. The db30 version works a lot better, but clearly is not original. But since i hop un the Tecumseh, you need to stop, and having a front brake sure is nice...