Night shift guys - What are you watching on the tube?

I like going on minidragbikes,solocali ,and pasadenaboneshaker , profiles. They have tons of mini bike races . They go back about 6 or 7 years . Some good mini bike history . You can see the the bikes evolve thru out that time .
Haha! No, I wasn't...
Where I work they took away out computer becasue they said we were playing games.

Then they took away all the old ratty pieces of foam because they said we were sleeping the benches.
Then they took away the benches to be sure......

They they took the hot plates and toaster ovens because because they said you don't have time to cook and eat it.

Then they took away most the microwaves and only left a few in the refuge stations so we if we wanted hot food we had to eat some place the bosses could see us ( less work I guess thne finding out what your men are doing ).

Then they took away ALL the coffee makers because they said we wee sitting around drinking coffee.
They took away the coffee breaks just to be sure.

Then took away all the radios and CD players incase we were listening to music...

Then the took away our tables and chairs to be sure we weren't sitting down.....

Then we go fed up and quit working lol.....
We got buisy making fold up furnature that resembles other things, built computures from parts left behind from the great purge of PCs and bought our own internet dial up.
Then we began to make real comfortable places to have snooze.
We make expresso instead of drip coffee.
WE cooked breakfast on hotplates made from resisitor bansk.
My personal favourit is the 12 volt electric coffee maker for power failures, run it off the battery on a tractor or loco and you can at least have a coffee.

The moral is an pissed off employees finds a way to take it back lol.

Left out we made a DVD player up with an old CCTV monitor and pop corn on night shift lol.
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