Noob Carb cleaning and building

Hi everyone im extremely new to the world of mini bikes as Well as to mechanics but I wanted to better my skill set and learn more about mechanics and how everything works and figured building up a mini would be a challenging and rewarding learning experience.
I purchased a used mini Baja (not sure the exact model but it's a 6.5hp 196cc) looks like a mini Baja or warrior? I also purchased a stripped rolling frame of the exact same model that I plan on building up with new parts.
Anyway the functioning mini had been pretty badly maintained and wasn't running too nicely (dies when I throttle off, likes to run with the choke on, cuts in and out while accelerating) so far I changed the oil, changed the air filter and cleaned and lubed the chain. I think I need to clean the carb out bit have no idea where to start or what to use or steps to go about doing this, ive searched online and all I seem to find is instructions/videos of cleaning once it's already removed. I have no idea on the steps or helpful tips on removing and cleaning etc

Sorry if this is a simple annoying thing, like I said, I'm very very new to this.Any advice or practical tips for this bike as Well as the future build would be more then appreciated.
Thanks forum!


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Got tools and a camera? Every fastener on the bike is going to be metric so just start taking it apart...but FIRST, a good idea is to take photos of everything as it is before disassembling it (untouched), then along the way of your disassembly taking note of the proper orientation of things.

Make sure you have a clean, flat, well lighted area to work in. Maybe lay out several sheets of clean paper towels, or a long'ish 2-3' section, then go to work.

Aerosol carburetor cleaner is a must, but it's not the perfect, most wondrous wonder product but works best on carbs that are taken apart and cleaned piece by piece.
Awesome, thanks for the advice. I did take pictures and bought a replacement carb, however I still took the old one apart. It Was a good learning how it all worked!... now valve springs...:blink: