It’s not to late to get in that last donation before the event. Every little bit helps. Even if you can’t make it this year but you want to go in the future now is your chance. The work that has been done to greatly improve the grounds is amazing. Wouldn’t you like to pull in and have a spot not in the mud but on some nice flat material that they had brought in. Well that cost money. Don’t want to wipe your butt with a leaf? We’ll porta potties cost money. Materials to build little bridges or walkways over a dried up stream cost money. Thanks for the people that go and help because the rest of us live to far to lend a hand. Please send in a final donation so Phil and the boys don’t have to carry the burden alone. Send to PayPal as a friend.

brown boonie

as a reminder to those who are coming, we ask that you bring the beverages of your choice, we will have coffee there.
What is the address again? Or just the road? I know we can see it from the road.
When will the signs be put out? For early arrivals.
Nearest store or gas station for anyone who may not have been before? For the little things that are always forgotten and people just assume they can go out and get after they get there. It’s a bit secluded and I can’t re
hart flats road and grass lake road redwood new york 13679.

nearest gas station: felders gas
43497 NY-37, Redwood, NY 13679

i will also have a gas pump on site with methanol free gas for minibikes.

ham radio call-in 146.52 simplex
weather forcast says 80% chance of rain today, i think 80% is more than just a chance.... right now its overcast and a cool 58 degrees.

the trails are in prime shape, a bit of standing water on the inner loop, everywhere else it is dry and fast.