Hopefully next year won’t conflict with RiceORama. But I was there 5 days before the masses showed up. The amount of work and the improvements made to the area was incredible. I’m sure next year will be even better with more work parties in between. A skid steer for a day clearing and leveling sites with more stone. Stock piling of wood for the fire. Thank god for the little trailer and Wheel Horse.
Food,T-shirts…. It all adds up. So a little each month goes a long way. I’m curious what the food alone cost was. There shouldn’t be any out of pocket costs to any of the committee that goes up there and puts in the money or time. Jim Kemp spent days clearing the trail with nothing but a weed whacker, going through strings and gas. A man on a mission so people could ride around the grounds to widen the trail. The stone to level the sites especially for the people who donated. That’s right. Even though I and a few of us couldn’t make it to the work parties, because of our donations we pulled up to a very nice accessible leveled loop that last year you couldn’t even drive through and would twist an ankle on the rocks. It was perfect this year. So let the donations start monthly now. I’ll set a reminder the first of every month. Even $5,$10 or $25 a month won’t kill you. You can send it to Phil,Gerald or Jim. None of them should be out of pocket for the supplies or work they do. I’m sure it cost them a pretty penny in gas pulling those campers just to go up there and sweat to build up the area.
And the cost of the event in my opinion should be raised. Porta potties and whatever isn’t covered with donations should not cost Phil any money. Would you put on an event if you had to pay?
@brown boonie What do you think the cost to feed a person is? What’s your PayPal? I think people should make sure if they are going to eat it doesn’t come out of your pocket.
@jimkemp what is yours? I know Tshirts cost you more than you made. And after watching you work and me not have to it’s worth the donations.
So people give it up and pay. It helps.
And yes that is Phil deep in a mud hole with his UTV , and in case anyone was wondering a predator motor only runs for 56.3 seconds at full throttle and no oil , we had a raffle on that and the winner ( Joe Sherwood ) won $183.00 and got to keep the motor , with a big hole in the block , $182 went towards the event , Thank you to everyone that entered the contest , it was a lot of fun to watch , Next year we will be doing the same raffle but the motor will be in a vintage mini bike and the winner will be taking home 1/2 the money raised and the mini bike , stay tuned for more details on that , if you didnt make it up for this year you really need to come up for 2022 , every year it gets bigger and better