Picked this up last week, swapped out side cover and crank. The horseman head was a bonus! I probably should brake it in with stock head, what do you guy's think?
Also thinking about losing the points and getting rod, 16# springs, a little advance.
After doing search for springs, several sources for flat head Briggs.
I've found it all to confusing, not having enough knowledge to know correct sizes/part #s ..... I sure could could use a little help with spring source. ( upper retaineners yes or know? ) 15661529324834182794480173978169.jpg

old shed finds

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It would surprise you how it will run as is.....
And that head is rare looks great for cooling...
Give it a shot as is...these 5hp pull mini bikes up in a wheelies stock...

joshua. c.

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the best sorces for hop up parts are arc racing for a billet rod and billet flywheel and dyno cams for the better re ground cam, springs and retainers. and if you put a billet rod and billet flywheel in it you wont need the governor anymore so if you do you should remove the governor gear on inside of the side cover. as far as the points just cut the wire to them and install a newer non points style coil. and sorry I don't have model numbers for that. but I do have a newer flathead engine downstairs without points. I could give you the numbers off of to use to look up the newer coil.


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It's no big deal removing the points and condenser once and for all; THEN you get to use the metal plug that is [usually] included with the OEM Briggs 397358 Armature/Magnetron [the part and part # you're looking for]. That metal plug is tapped into the points plunger hole after said plunger is removed; seals it up nicely. New armatures usually come with a new flywheel key as well.

The part number for the ignition armature is cross referenced as: [Replaces Briggs and Stratton] 397358, 697037, 298316, 395491, 395490, John Deere PT10998 so that gives you broader search terms.