Obviously Bonanza But Which One?


Picked this Bonanza up today at a swap meet in Michigan, Gold paint looks to be original, the swingarm is blue. Seat and tank are original, seat pan looks okay but some holes were cut into it for the seat cover. Tank is very nice.

What is it?

I've never seen a gold one???

Kind regards

IMG_20221105_150909081_HDR[1].jpg IMG_20221105_150949162_HDR[1].jpg
Someone at the swap meet said that Bonanza's could be had with Minarelli engines, I have never heard about this.

Would BC1500 mean Hodaka power?


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Would BC1500 mean Hodaka power?
I really don't know for sure. I just done a search and a blue one that had the same features said it was a BC1500, the one with a hodaka said BC1500SH. Don't know the differences and how to really discern the differences if there are any other than the engine.
Thanks for your help. I guess what I want to know is the right model number of course, and if the gold paint is original. Also, what engine would have been on it when purchased new?

Any other bits of info would be greatly appreciated!


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If it was hodaka powered originally, the paint on the engine plate would show wear where the engine mounts were. Post a top-view picture of the engine plate