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I thought I'd start a "Official Little Petro Minibike thread" to encourage past and current owners of these rare and unique
Bikes to share there pictures and stories with the forum members!


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Does anyone know what's missing here? This came with my bike but not attached. Doesn't look like it even fits. The bracket and straps work together but the bracket doesn't come close to fitting on the shroud. Little Petro 023.JPG


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So I've had a lucky opportunity to talk to the seller of the red Petro pictured above.
Before he sold it I asked if he could scan a copy of the brochure, sales receipt and any other little Petro related literature that was included in the sale of the bike from C.A
And he said "no problem"....
So for all you Little Petro owners and enthusiasts.....
Here's what he sent me!!
Thanks bro, it means a lot to me as my dad passed in '01. Just yesterday or so, I finally searched for it's name/brand, before I had no idea. So, the search for a P7 begins.
I think I may still have a circular scar on my inner right calf, from when the recoil starter asm broke, and we used an electric impact gun and socket to start it from the flywheel nut. I rode it without the cover on it and touched the spinning flywheel fins...OUCH!!!
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On Jim Odom. From a Web article.
"This is not the most interesting job that Odom has had. He's been a movie stuntman. He's a champion flat-track motorcycle racer, the king of Altamont Speedway (yes, that one) out when this area used to be the stomping grounds of the Hell's Angels.
Odom is in the Motorcycle Hall of Fame. I found him in a 1971 advertisement for Suzuki sitting on a TM-400 Cyclone, with a trophy in one arm and a bikinied blonde woman in the other. Empty desert opens out behind them. The tagline reads, "Built to take on the country."
In 2004, well into his middle age, Odom rode a motorcycle called the Ack-Attack more than 300 miles an hour over the Bonneville Salt Flats. As he neared the end of his ride, in the spot where his speed would be measured for world-record purposes, a crosswind kicked up and the conditions on the track deteriorated. A writer on the scene says Odom slammed on the throttle and tried to "muscle his way through the wind and soft, slippery, rutted salt." It didn't work. His front wheel left the ground. The bike started to roll, its canopy popping off. His emergency parachute stopped the roll, and he got out of the Ack-Attack unharmed.
Now, at the State Water Project, he controls the throttle of a far more powerful machine.
water channel
The channel leading from the Clifton Court Forebay into the Banks Pumping Plant can send more than 10,000 cubic feet of water per second flowing into the California Aqueduct. Alexis Madrigal
Nominally, his work is mechanical, but most of what increases or decreases his plant's pumping has nothing to do with horsepower."