Old bonanza


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What exactly changed on the swing arm design?

in addition to what mountainmini just posted, there is a long extended strut for the brake cable that hangs off the bottom of the arm for most of them due to where the lever was located on the early fairbanks brake assemblies. They also used different axle adjusters that were pieces of tubing with a bolt welded to them (obviously adjusted at the rear) rather than the eyelet style that were adjusted at the front. you can kinda see the strut here in a bike that Evil Ed had a few years back......



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@markus has more valuable information than anyone else ive seen on this site.
I 102% agree this bike is a early lightning bolt bike and a worthy one at that.
although the hobbiest on this site are not willing to pay the sellers asking price, most of you (including myself) would ask the same price if it was yours to sell.
if this is still available when im in town next month, ill try to pick it up, i like it.
actually, That style bike would have had that badge, perfect example is the Dan blocker Bike in Rod and custom sept '66, compare things such as the earlier brake and swingarm configuration, That early style fender, etc... I would say its in the late '65-earlier 66 timeframe. Engine, shocks, and controls are no Bueno.
After looking at the comment from Markus he is correct 1965 66 this would be a transitional of the last lightning bolt with 1967 Bc1300 bike . I have two earlier Lightning Bolts swingarm bikes which actually the first of the rear shock Lightning Bolt bikes that are totally different and have the earlier Bolt bike design front to back . I would then say it is a later bolt . As the last of the Bolt bike's inventory was used up in production. Before the improved design.