OldMiniBikes Build-Off 2017 Classes and Rules

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OldMiniBikes Build-Off 2017 Classes and Rules

Welcome to the OldMiniBikes 2017 Build-Off! This thread has all the basic rules, regulations and other info to participate. If something doesn't seem clear, or you have a specific question not covered here, please feel free to post it here, or PM the moderators (Cheezy1 or mrpat) of this event.


There will be 6 classes this year.
You can enter any or as many as you wish.
You can also enter more than one build in a single class.

Vintage Class:

* Single cylinder engine only.
* Flathead or vintage two-stroke.
* Frame must be a vintage frame.
* Centrifugal clutch, torque converter or two-speed is allowed.
* Can be a large or small wheeled mini as long as it's vintage.
* "vintage" shall be defined as 25 years or older

Vintage Open Class:

* Any vintage mini bike frame
* Any power plant

Motovox/Doodlebug/Warrior/Coleman Class:

* Any Motovox, Doodlebug, Warrior, Coleman or their derivatives that were made in China.
* Any engine.
* Any modifications and upgrades.

18 and Under Class:

* This class is for anyone 18 and under that would like to build a mini bike and be competing against others in their age category.
* Parents, please make sure your child is safe, but please let them do as much work as possible. Teach them to use the tools!
* Any frame/engine combination is acceptable.

Just For Fun Class:

* Projects that were started already
* Projects from previous build offs that need completed

Anything Goes Class:

This is a special class for the highly creative. This class could be almost anything that is a device to move a human on it's own power and parts will probably be mostly hand made and out of leftover parts from other projects.

* Scratch built bikes
* 1, 2, or 3 wheels? Drift Trikes?
* Skis or Tracks? Maybe wings?
* 2 stroke, 4 stroke powered?
* Chain, TAV, or belt?
* The sky really is the limit on what belongs here, but we would like to keep it mini bike related.
* Go karts


1. Start date January 1st, 2017 and deadline for start of entry is February 1st, 2017. You will not be allowed to enter after February 1st, 2017. Deadline for completion is May 31st, 2017.

2. Any project already started will will be in the "Just for fun" class. You can start gathering parts and materials, but no fab work, paint or anything else will be started until after January 1st.

3. There must be a picture of the bike and/or parts pile with an OldMiniBikes Build-off sign when you start your build thread (Entry post) The OldMiniBikes Build Off sign must include your Oldminibikes.com user name, the words “2017 OldMiniBikes Build Off”, and the name of the category of your entry. If you have given your build a name or the build has a year, make, and model this would be a good place for that. (Please see David Wulf's entry pic from last year)

4. There shall be an object included in the initial entry picture only. The object will be announced on December 31st, 2016. Item is not necessary in any additional pictures.

5. There must be at least one update per month by each builder in each of your build threads in the 2017 Build Off. If you are completed with the build at any point, just post that your entry is complete and no further entries are required.

6. Finished bike must be a runner! A video of you riding a running project under its own power will be required at the end of the Build-Off. Style points will be awarded to creative videos at the end.

7. Negativity will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with something pertaining to the 2017 Build Off threads or their contents, please pm one of the moderators of the build off.

8. Voting will be done by popular vote by your peers here on the oldminibikes.com web site. All users will be able to vote once.

Final Thoughts:

* Please keep it positive here and remember this is a hobby, not a job.
* This is a fun and free event.
* No awards, prizes, or trophies will be awarded, but winners will get bragging rights!
* Participants and moderators are doing this all voluntarily.
* Please be courteous to the builders when commenting on their builds. Keep comments strictly about their builds.
* We all love pictures. Please add as many pictures as you can of your build throughout all stages.
* Direct all concerns or questions on this event to Cheezy1 or mrpat. If there cannot be a resolution, then we can escalate it. Please refrain from sending questions to the general forum moderators.
* We may need to modify a thing or two for clarity if it is deemed necessary at any time.

Entry example from David Wulf last year.
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