OldMiniBikes.com Email?

OldMiniBikes.com Monthly E-mail?

  • Yes! I think the e-mail is a great idea.

    Votes: 162 79.4%
  • No! I don't want anymore e-mail.

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After some lame results on the MBOTM polls, I've considered sending out a monthly email to help get people vote, and remind them about the forum.

I know that getting e-mails like that can be annoying, however, you would simply be able to opt-out by editing your options in your user control panel.

I could send out the winner of MBOTM & a reminder to vote, and maybe what else is happening on the site? other ideas?

Let me know how you guys feel so I can get something together for that, or scratch the idea.

Like I said, it's not "Spam mail" and you'd easily be able to opt-out anytime.

Please let me know if you have any other thoughts/opinions on the e-mail situation.


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In it's own way. Kind of let people know whats going on with the site - updates and such, MBOTM winners, and anything else you guys think would be good in the email...

Also, if you click "No" please let me know why, via PM is OK too... :)
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i was automatically re-directed to this.

i tried posting a response to a thread two times and couldn't because of this.

after going going through the hassle of hosting pics all my shit is gone (hitting back didn't work).

i'm sure you can figure out how i feel now.


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I've considered sending out a monthly email to help get people vote, and remind them about the forum.
Any "active" member, (not the one`s that log on twice a year) know darn well that every month their is going to be a new vote. I dont get it.... It only takes 60 seconds out of you life to vote !! :eek:ut: Heck, you spend more time than that taking a dump ! :001_9898: Not that you can really inforce it but maybe it should be a requirement that all past MBOTM winners and perhaps the Suporting Members must vote. Like i said... IT`S ONLY 60 SECONDS !! :thumbsup:
I think it's important for the reader's and riders to be able to communicate about new and old issues, that directly pertain to mini bike restoration, procedures, available supplies and of course Saftey. The newbies depend on us to guide them. I for one, am willing to be slightly disturbed if it helps someone in this group to be able to communicate, and learn safley to have fun like the figure eight race that was so cool.....

Email away... It is possible the Holiday's are taking up voting time.. :thumbsup: