OldMiniBikes Mini Bike Build Off 2012 Open Class Voting

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Winner of the 2012 Open Class

  • clayon

    Votes: 6 4.3%
  • danc9

    Votes: 1 0.7%
  • dragbikemini

    Votes: 5 3.6%
  • fistfullabar

    Votes: 2 1.4%
  • jakedmoe

    Votes: 45 32.4%
  • jeep 2003

    Votes: 42 30.2%
  • minibike paul

    Votes: 21 15.1%
  • outlaw ace

    Votes: 2 1.4%
  • tanksareus

    Votes: 1 0.7%
  • bigrob

    Votes: 14 10.1%

  • Total voters
I would like to thank the one member who voted for my bike.:laugh: I used the build off as an excuse to get another rider done, I had no illusions I would win. I voted for Jeep2003 because he built a machine I can see myself owning and riding, the workmanship didn't surprise me since I've seen his work before. Good contest.:thumbsup:
Thanks for the votes guys! All the bikes are cool . Any bike that works is a winner in my eyes :laugh: I was surprized at the amount of clones used but i suppose i shouldnt be. As of yet im still in 2nd place and that sounds about right. Every car show iv ever enterd with any of my cars I Always get a 2nd place trophy im not kidding :laugh: Its all in good fun i just like showing off spreading ideas and inspiring others to do different things. Most of all i build the things in my head because i know they cant be bought and the only way ill ever have them is to build it myself. Iv already started my next machine :thumbsup:
don't give up it ain't over yet REMEMBER EVEN OBAMA WAS ELECTED!!!!!!! seriously your bike looked good:scooter:
I'm not knocking my bike, I'm a realist though and knew I was outmatched from the drop. I just wanted to participate and am already geared up for the bobber build. I may do much better in that build off, I have a Stellar that is rough and will look good in Bobber trim. The Trailblazer was built from a bare frame and fork with zero original parts and I'm proud of it, it gets more attention than my other bikes and I have a few. The only thing I may change is the engine, I have a few briggs fivers and one is new in box so I have choices. I would like to have seen you finish but life doesn't always allow for such things, your work is top notch and you would have done quite well I think. Keep Minibikin' Glenn :thumbsup:
I build for the pure enjoyment of doing so , with the added benefit of getting my arse up off the couch and out in the shop.
I am pleasantly surprised that my bike has even made the top 4 lol.
Everybody who even just started a bike is a winner in my book.
I have two bikes on the go to take to windber that are becoming as much work as my buildoff bike with less time to do it lol.
So many people buy parts off the shelf. Then brag about thier car or Harley being custom.
You guy's on OldMiniBikes fabricate custom! I'd buy you a beer if you come out here.
These bikes are impressive!
OldMiniBikes need to put on a show out here. Laughlin has casinos, dirt runs right in back. Hill climbs. And pleanty of empty paved lots! Plus the Colorado river!
Cheers! Bullhead