OND's - Bonanza - (Vintage Open)

Now, that's one fine bike!:thumbsup:
Thanks Pete....but nothing here as hard as your Lil Indian has been.

Thanks Karen..

Did the ends of the rod polish up that good? What you use for that?
Mothers and my bench buffer.

Awesome! I need some of those zerks myself.

Thanks Nick, and I have no Idea where to get those zerks.....I never knew they existed .


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Nice build so far Eric!
I didn't read the whole tread but?
do you have a color pick yet? RED to match the springs?
Great job on the forks also.
OK... I've been working on forks this morning and no not the original Bonanza forks . This is a MX frame originally but I'm not going that way with this build. Its going to be more like a small tire BC or smaller bike...I'm going with 6'' wheels and tires. Anyway this is the forks that I came up with, I went a head and bent the handle bars in while I was bending up the forks. Might not use the handle bars....don't know yet, but they would be easy enough to cut off and replace with bolt on bars.

These forks will be externally suspended with chrome springs and welded on spring cups.

Quick mock up with some 6'' wheels and tires that I had on hand. This is the ride height that I'm looking for.

I'm going to have to find some 10" rear shocks to get it at the right height.

OND, can you please tell me what you use to bend tubing?
Sure Ashton, its a JD Squared bender Model 3 ...and it sure makes bending tubing very easy. Heres a pic of it behind this build...theres 3 angle finders sitting on top of it . Sorry not a good pic !

I got some much needed parts today from the good folks at the OldMiniBikes Warehouse. I decided to go with the 4'' to 4'' 1/2 shoe brake system mostly for the looks and not the stopping power. :no: The aluminum backing plate looks good though ! :thumbsup:

Also a new jack shaft.

Thought it was painted by now.

I'm not painting mine till I see yours first..:no:...you and I are in this together my friend ! We need to get busy TOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:grind::hammer::weld::hack::hammer:

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