Ported 14cc big valve heads.

Selling 4 ported big valve heads. 3 are 32/25 and one is a 28.5/25 head. All are ported flow and velocity tested with stainless valves with intakes back cut 30 degrees with multi angled intake seats. Heads can be bought with just the valves or setup with springs and retainers to your specs. These started out as new 14cc clone heads. Head with valves are $160, with springs and retainers setup to your specs will vary with choice of springs and retainer types. Thin lash caps are advised and are $8 additional. Test data supplied in a excel file.


28.5/25. There were some issues with the mongoose cams wiping lobes. Keep a eye on that. If you find lash loosening up it could be cam going flat. I think nr made good on the ones that were having issues.
No I am on the poboys Facebook forum and a number of them had issues and posted pics of the wiped cams. The admin of the forum built a motor with one that has been running just fine, so I have no idea if some were soft or what the issue was. You could email nr and ask about it. If yours was failing you would see your valve lash opening. What valve springs are you using and what is your installed height?
Here is a post from that forum with a response from NR.
"Knew it was a manufacturing error. Emailed NR to tell em lots of mongooses were going flat.... no way that many cams could have gone flat on their own... too many experienced builders had problems.


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I haven’t even started the build yet just gathering parts so far I have a .020 rod arc flywheel chikuni carb new gx200 mongoose cam but don’t have to use that cam. Last thing on my list is the head.