Post a pic of your 1960 and 1970 rupp mini bikes in good condition


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I like both Rupp and Fox mini bikes. I have several of each. They are different, but similar in a lot of ways. Rupp moved away from minibikes (or mini cycles) and moved to more motorcycle styles, before they exited the market in 1975. The RMT and other models are not for me. Fox seemed to stay with Tecumseh motor bikes longer (which i like.) I love the Fox 198mc model. And the Thunderbolts are really nice too. I really like all the spoke wheel/tecumseh motor fox models. I'm not a fan of their 1960s stuff though.


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I like it. Nice Bike with great paint job and matching decals. I have a nice 12 inch wheel Rupp Roadster 2 roller and rather than putting in an anemic Hs40 I will copy what you did and put in a powerful Predator 212cc. Do you have a charging coil to run the Headlight on your Predator 212cc? I also have a Tecumseh H50 repowered Arctic Cat Prowler and it does about 30mph. My Predator 212cc re-powered Doodle beast with a bored clone carburetor does 45 mph. I want more than 4hp and the stock Predator 212cc has an additional 2.5hp over the stock HS40. Heck my Arctic Cat with the shoehorned H50 has much more torque than the stock HS40 that was in the Arctic Cat climber. I want to Jerry rig a TAV but right now I am using T10 clutch which works well .
The Rupp roadster does not have a charge coil as it is a modded motor w billet flywheel. I use a li ion battery and led lights. Gives me hours of lighting. I used the driver and driven of a tab 30 on it.


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The Rupp roadster does not have a charge coil as it is a modded motor w billet flywheel. I use a li ion battery and led lights. Gives me hours of lighting. I used the driver and driven of a tab 30 on it.
How fast does it go? Does the headlight work with the li-ion battery? I heard with a Comet primary and secondary on a modified clone engine that a Rupp Roadster 2 will do an easy 50 mph. Beyond 50mph is crazy since the frame and suspension are not up to that task. I bet you can keep up with city traffic on it too bad that it is not street legal. Beautiful bike and I like that it has enough guts with the clone to actually be enjoyable to ride by an adult rather than a sedate mini bike originally designed for older children and adults since the HS40 only made 4hp.
Never tried to max it out but it is plenty fast and if you try too much throttle when starting it will flip over until the tav shifts out of low. Led headlamps are very bright but draw very little current compared to a filament bulb.
My 1964 Rupp continental custom tag #1594. Found in a parts yard with Kawasaki green engine. Huge Thanks to Todd Theobold for his hard work on the H35 rebuild, paint and fabricating the clutch guard!! Fox seat looks good on it with the cording matching the frame lines.



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I seen it on Ebay. Is this your bike? Looks like a it has a different HS40 on it. I heard some people put Tecumseh HS50 on their bikes to give them a little more snap yet keep them looking original. I have a stage 1 Predator 212cc re-powered Baja Doodle bug and the engine is almost too powerful. I would not want to add anymore to the engine since I clocked it at 45 mph. With the Predator 212cc it was a wheelie machine and I put 3 pieces of steel on the front. Two pieces of steel right over the front wheel on the name plate bezel and 1 down low on the frame just in front of the engine and now it just goes forward and not over. I kept telling people to lean forward when taking off but they would not listen to me so now I fixed it so no more unintended wheelie. My latest addition to the bike was a bored clone carburetor and low restriction air intake and Holy cow that alone added about another 5 mph to the top end. My 22 year old son says you have to be careful on it know since it can be a bit terrifying to ride if your whiskey throttling it. My wife is a bit afraid of it since she says it accelerates too fast and feels like it wants to jump out from under you.