post me to your warrior with a sportster tank thread???

i got a tank off an 80-something sportster today. i've test fitted it and realized that it's very cramped. i'm trying to find a happy medium between the tree hitting the tank and being able to put the seat on. i was thinking about getting a spring seat kit, but now i may be forced into it. can anyone link me to their thread of fixing one of these to a warrior?

here's a pic of the tank.
I'm going through the same problem on my warrior. If you've found a remedy it's be greatly appreciated.

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You don't need to cut the seat pan, just pull out the staples from the front and cut the foam flush to the pan, restaple and you're done.

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Sportster tank looks like it would be a nut cracker, if the Warrior had brakes worth a damn.

I want to put a Yamaha SR400/500 or XT500 tank on mine.
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I got this prepainted one off ebay for $90, I think its a little shorter than std. it was for those Chinese made choppers from a few years back. I managed to set it on rubber mounts, also needed to alter the steering stops for it to clear, either need to make a custom top clamp or modify the existing for full stop to stop, and it jointed right up at the seat.
theres a few others I saw running around windber, ill see if I can find the photos of em.
There have been different sizes of the same style tank. The original "peanut" tank was 2.25 gallons; a later "king" tank was 3.3 gallons; it had the same basic shape and was still often referred to as a "peanut". There may be other sizes in that shape; I'm not a authority on things Harley-Davidson, but I know that style of Sportster tank came in at least two sizes. Obviously, there have been many aftermarket tanks copying the peanut style, and they could be any size.