Post your cars!


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Ended up selling my WRX in July for a stupid amount of cash to a guy with more money than brains. He said he couldn’t find one anywhere. I said I’ll sell mine for the right price. We settled on a price and we went to the bank and he paid me with a cashiers check and we signed the title. Never in my life sold a car used for more than I paid new.

Ended up buy a 2022 Jeep Renegade Altitude. I wanted a small SUV that was decent on gas. Average 28mpg and it has a good bit of options. Plus in 3 years I’ll hand the keys to my oldest daughter and I’ll buy myself something new.


joshua. c.

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This is my 2003 ford ranger 2 wheel drive I bought it around 10 years ago. I love this truck and want to keep it forever. I have halled more stuff than I can count with it and it gets 22mile to the gallon (I tested it 3 times to be sure) I don't nurse it when im driving to I think thats pritty good for a ranger. I recently bought a second cheep car I don't yeat have a picture of to do my daly commuting a 2003 ford focus. The age similarity wasn't on purpose, it was: right time, right price, fule efficent and had low miles. Having a backup vehicle is very handy when one of them needs work and a car can haul my frends and family around better than a truck. The truck is now mostly used for hauling to reduce milage to help preserve it longer.