Powder Coating Mini Bike Rims

Hey Guys I want to powder coat my minibike rims. Do you guys think it would look good with a the main rim gloss black and the lip red :shrug: Any suggestions? Also, I live in New York anyone hear of AMS Powder Coating or Action Powder Coating? How are they? Also, I heard that sand blasting is no good and metal pellets are better. Here are the websites so you can check them out. Powdercoating and Why You Want Us | Awesome Metal Stuff. Here is a pic of the rim so you can visualize the black rim and red lip. Thanks :thumbsup:
Should look great. When choosing a shop for any task you want to see their previous work prior to giving them any business. As for a blasting media that wont tear up the aluminum you want a glass bead or walnut shells. The shot peen stuff would likely work, the blaster will use the correct stuff. I plan to powdercoat some aluminum wheels eventually and will have the same place do the blasting since all I have is an open air booth and sand.
Tape em up with blue scotch painters tape but still be careful because touch ups look like touch ups bigtime on powder coated stuff. I had some wheels that were charcoal powder coated and I had to strip em after a piece got chipped, tried to fix it but made it worse.


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Powdercoating adds some thickness to the wheels and makes mounting a bit more challenging. Use lots of soapy water and be patient. Took me hour and a half to get these mounted. Thin, stiff, sidewall and the extra thickness made these very hard! I actually got so good at these that I did the rear one twice! Mounted the tire backwards! Doh!