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IT does have a tapered shaft. Is that a bad thing? Will a centrifugal clutch not fit a tapered shaft? What problems am I facing? It won't fit in the frame with the factory gas tank, so I'm going to have to rear mount a tank on this bike.
Project is on hold for a few days. I got a piece of metal in my eye while I was cutting the adapter plate even though I had on safety glasses. All I can figure is that it must have been in my hair and then after I removed the glasses, it fell in somehow. Anyway, I got it out but scratched my eye and need to lay off for a day or two. Wife doesn't want me messing with it for now. Been raining anyway, but this weekend is SUPPOSED to be nice.
IT does have a tapered shaft. Is that a bad thing? Will a centrifugal clutch not fit a tapered shaft? What problems am I facing? It won't fit in the frame with the factory gas tank, so I'm going to have to rear mount a tank on this bike.

not a huge problem but you will need some sort of adapter to fit the cent clutch to it. get some pics and measurements and someone here will be able to point you in the right direction. sorry to hear about the eye, seems no matter what you do, stuff always gets in there when workin.
Okay, what should I take pics of and measurements where? I'm guessing the length of the shaft and how much is threaded? It does have a long keyway in it right now. If it's going to cost too much more, I'm going to see if my neighbor still wants to buy it for his grand kids. I have around $100 tied up in this thing already and don't want to get much further. Against my wifes wishes, I went out and fooled with it a little today. I got the new tires mounted and put the wheels back on it. I decided to put the 3 horse engine back on it and take it for a spin. The damned clip for the master link must not have been clipped into the grooves correctly and it came loose on me. I can't find all of the pieces, so I guess I'll just go ahead and order a clutch and chain and be done with it one way or another. I'm getting frustrated and irritated and that is NOT a good thing.


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Quit complaining. You have a unique opportunity to restore a piece of transportation history that does't sit on a shelf just to look at. I've been working on motorized things all my life and it never gets old. It's great therapy, you get on it and feel like a kid again. How cool is that? Bide your time and and things will get better. Even your eye.
Well, I've been sick with a head cold but after a day of inactivity, I HAD to tinker with the mini bike today. I've managed to get everything lined up and ready for the new clutch. I sure hope it fits like I've got things laid out for. I'm busy trying to rig a throttle on the Generac engine and just about have it done. Over the past year I've managed to break damn near every small drill bit I owned and wouldn't you know that the one I need to finish up the throttle mount is one I don't have? So, I've got to take the wife and daughter to a doctors appointment tomorrow, so will get some new bits while I'm out and HOPEFULLY have the throttle set up done by Tuesday afternoon. I took the rewind off today to re-clock it and when I removed it, I discovered a loose pawl inside. Upon inspection, I can see the rewind was replaced in November of 2011 and that thing must have been in there ever since then. The new one has both pawls in place where they should be. I took the opportunity to clean rust off the flywheel and magneto. I have a very nice spark too! Set the air gap at .018. I took that measurement before I loosened the coil, of course. Now it's just hurry up and wait for the clutch and master links that I've ordered. SUPPOSEDLY, I'll have it all by Thursday afternoon.
I'm just wondering how to anchor my throttle cable. I'm thinking of using a lead sinker crimped to the end. That's just one idea as I already have lead sinkers in my tackle box.
Crimping won’t likely hold, you’ll prob end up having to solder it.
I just did this a little while ago, It’s actually pretty easy and there are also YouTube videos that show how to do it
Well, after tinkering with the Generac and finally getting a throttle hooked up, the damn thing wouldn't hit a lick! I cranked and cranked and it just wouldn't fire. Double checked the stop/run switch to make sure it was in run position and not one fart out of it. I got pissed and took the engine off the Bug and put it on the work table. Come hell or high water, I was going to get it running. It had no spark. I checked the air gap and it was a snug .018. I removed the coil and on/off switch and ran a continuity test on both and they passed. Hmmmmm. I put it back together and discovered that one of the holes for the coil was stripped. Upon examining it after putting it back together, I realized that the coil was shifting on rotation. I removed the lock washer under the stripped out bolt and ran it in until it caught some threads and tightened it up. Set the air gap at .018 and put it back together. I filled the carburetor bowl with gas and cranked it. Second pull and it fired up and ran like a monster! I'm going to wait until the clutch and master links get here to put this sum beech back on the frame. Then, I'll line everything up or make more adjustments. After I get it situated, I'll have to build a small rack for the back so I can mount a gas tank. Probably go to the junkyard this weekend and look for a tank. I know a place that has lawnmowers. Only junkyard in the county that scraps mowers and I know where it is. I got a nice frame and wheels from them last year for $20. I figure I can get a gas tank for $5. I'll find out. I'm going to try to find a metal one that's not rusty. Plastic cracks in the FL heat. That's what's wrong with the old one. Push come to shove, I'll just use the small tank off the 3 hp engine. Progress is slow, but it's still progress. Maybe I'll find a decent muffler at the junkyard too!
Well, I managed to fart around with the throttle too much and managed to cut my cable too short. Son of a.... Anyway, since I work on a lot of bicycles, I found my last spare used brake cable and used it. After 4 careful attempts and cutting a small bit at a time, I got the throttle figured out and working great. I'm going to a small engine shop today and see if I can find a master link and a bowl gasket for the carburetor. The old gasket is dried out so much that it won't seal and gas seeps out of the bowl. I got the clutch yesterday and installed it and have everything lined up now. I took 2 hours measuring and cutting just a little at a time and HOPE I'm spot on. I won't get to work on it today as I have a 200 mile round trip to make to take the wife and daughter to different doctor appointments, so MAYBE by this coming Monday or Tuesday, I'll be riding the Frankenbug! Who the heck knows?