progress report: Fox 'Sprite' chopper build

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I started working on this last summer. Just recently got the bugs in the drive-train worked out so I could fire it up. Still need to work out my brake hub to frame attachment. Waiting for my sissy-bar to be made. Check out the YouTube link to see it run. Thanks for checking in! 20180429_141705 OldMiniBikes sm.jpg
Thanks! The handle bars are extended 5'', and the ends pushed forward, to accommodate an 'adult'. My arms are so long the knuckles drag. Forks are extended 4''. Friend of a friend did the 5 star welding.
Just checked out some of your builds. Wow! Nice work all around. It's been a while since I've worked on anything like this, and been having something of a second childhood. In memory of my '64 or so Penny's Foremost.
Hello everyone, it doesn't seem possible my last update was way back in May. Here's a quickie. I got the beast running. Top speed is around 29mph. It's a handful with the small front tire at that speed. Gotta hang on!

Happy holidays everyone!

Haven't posted a update pic in quite a while. As usual progress is slow.
Front fender mounted. Back fender is ready to be installed. Sissy bar (mounted for demonstration purposes only) needs a back rest, and I'm thinking chrome plating.


Wow. It's been a year since my last update? Hard to imagine!

Just got these back from My crappy cell phone pics don't do them justice.

I have the frame down to bare metal. I'm thinking Roth Rattle Bombs for paint: I'll let you guess the color, for now.

20210115_110600sm.jpg 20210115_110519(0)sm.jpg 20210115_110537sm.jpg 20210115_111128sm.jpg 20210115_111154sm.jpg

Thanks for looking, and take care everybody.


I completely disassembled my bike after Independence Day last year, to start in on the finishing touches. Just got it ride-able again this last week. Still have a few details that need to be worked out. The wiring isn't done, rear fender needs some modifications so I can install, custom exhaust not even started, etc. I'm not in a hurry to 'finalize' this project. It'll happen when it happens.

Thanks for looking, everyone!
20210702_131035 sm.jpg 20210702_131053sm.jpg 20210702_131119(0)sm.jpg 20210702_131129sm.jpg