Project Change

It's funny how we go day to day working on our hobby and collecting enough projects that we will have to live to 200 before they are all done and suddenly your focus changes.Last weekend I found out that an old hydroplane racing buddy has serious colon cancer.In the 1960s he build with his dad and raced the first Alky powered hydro in Canada. It was a Hall Kelly Jupiter which he made into a laydown boat which was unheard of at this time. Years ago I wrestled the boat from his hay loft with the intent of restoring it again.With this latest news I am starting on it now in order to have it back in the water next summer so he can see it run again I hope. It makes me realize that life can change in an instant!



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That's a cool old boat.

And most importantly, he has a friend like you doing something this cool for him.
He has a rough road ahead.
Good on you Bill! Im sure it will mean the world to him!! I cant imagine what he is going through, but what a nice suprise for him when everything else must seem so bleak!! :thumbsup: