Rare size 4.00x5" NOS studded tire. imports, azusa hexstar, Taco, sensation, cheyenne etc..

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NOS chen shin 4.00x5 tire (for 5" wheel) this is a really hard size to find, I only have the one. This is old dead stock part, but tire is soft and pliable and still has the wax on on it. If you dont know the 4.00x 5" is a really large tire for a 5" It is over 12" tall so if you want a bigger tire on the rear for more clearance on your bike with 5" tires here it is. Last photos show it compared to a good year 4.10 3.50 5" to show how much taller they are over that size. This size was standard back in the 70's on a lot of bikes like the imports and american companies with the honda copy wheel and bikes that were using the Hexstar wheels.

$55 shipped