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Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

im alive and well and will finish coordinating the build off as promised!

Miss Delilah Lynn is takin up my time....i finally realize what life is about.
I feel like a kid in a candy store, a few of the builds seem to be holding out till the last minute for a big reveal.
Aaron, please consider giving each of us one vote per class :thumbsup:
Ya, I would also appreciate it if a moderator would move my Keystone Deluxe Resto Mod build off thread to the project log section, I got some more work to do to it. Thanks. :thumbsup:
"The Rules"
1.Start date Jan 1st 2012!
Deadline for entry post February 1st 2012! If we do not have an entry post picture by end of day on February 1st you will not be allowed to enter.
Finish date April 30th 2012!
2. No bike allowed unless it's less than half finished! You can start gathering parts and materials now, but assembly and fabrication not allowed until January 1st, 2012.
3. Must be a shot of the bike/parts pile up front with a sign with OldMiniBikes 2012 BBO (Entry Post)!
4. Must be a photo of you riding the bike or a video of the bike running at the end!
5. Must have at least one update by the builder every month! Even if your bike is complete you must post something. This post is due by the 15th of each month!!
6. Finished bike must be a runner.
7. Winner by popular vote - One vote per user
8. Non Starters & Drop Outs will be deleted to avoid clutter. This means if you do not post once per month minimum or make an entry post by 2/15/11 your entry will be deleted. To be clear on this, you must have 1 post in your thread at least once every 30 days. If you go longer than 30 days you will be removed. Constructive feedback is welcome in the threads. However, we will not tolerate bashing or negative comments towards others work. If you do not like something someone is doing then just keep it to yourself. This is not an oppurtunity to begin a flame war.

So with only hours to go how many people will get their final post with pictures and video of their finished bikes up before midnight?
It has been a lot of fun and a very worthwile exp for me , just glad I got mine finished in time.

So when and how do we vote?
Aaron I know you have been busy , with the new addition to the family and had to give up your build.
I just want to say Thank You for getting us all off of are arses and giving us something to do besides watch the tube LOL.
So thanks again , your OldMiniBikes bud BigRob.