Replacement for Flo Jet carb

Hi All, new to the forum, looking for a good substitute for a Flo Jet carb for an unconventional 1 lung engine 1 1/2 HP , can’t get the carb to stop leaking even after a rebuild, carb was installed at point to replace the original FM mixer or their carb back in the day.


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Sparkwizard is right. A little more info is warranted as I don't seem to speak your particular dialect.
"Unconventional", "1 lung" and then it gets even more fun after that. :D

This site may help you to identify, diagnose and repair your carburetor:
Several different kinds of Flo Jet on that site.

Generally speaking, you can use nearly any carburetor on any engine, but you have to adapt it to the engine (usually with a OTS [off-the-shelf] intake manifold or something you fabricate) and you have to size the carburetor to the engine so that you don't end up with too much carburetion or too little carburetion for the application. In other words you might end up with a carb that is excessively large and feeds it more fuel and air than it can use, for example.
OK, let’s try again, it’s a 1 1/2 HP antique engine, , currently it was fitted with a Flo Jet Carb which has been a problem not sure exact model, original was a mixer device how is a carb sized aside from mounting , I will probably have to fab a manifold, see pic of engine, it was used to drive a small locomotive, I can try and post some better pics at a later date. IMG_0136.jpeg



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Thanks for the pics; pics speak a mountain of words.

The original carburetor, intake and air cleaner assembly actually looks legit and proper on your locomotive, like it belongs on it. Nice choo choo by the way (looks like lots of fun).

You'd have to think long and hard on what you'd want to replace the carburetor with... I can see how a nice coat of red and green paint could disguise a new carburetor to blend it in. I also wouldn't want the new carb to interfere with the bell on the front, so an *updraft* style carb or intake manifold like it already has, would seem to be the ticket.


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The lower and upper halves of the carb body can also get warped, as I understand it. Some have said you can smooth and re-level their decks. I've wondered if double gaskets might help. Great vehicle you got there. Would love to see it in action.

Great tip, Richard.
If is runs with that carb on it, I would try to fix the leak. Much easier than redesigning something that might not run right.
Thanks for the pictures. That is an awesome little train. Is it a hit and miss engine?

I see the lawn tractor transaxle. I like it. I assume you have looks on the smokstak forums.
That is one of the coolest things I have seen in a while! Reminds me of when I was a little kid there was a play place out on Long Island that had cars about that size but no engine you turned a crank to make it go.
Thanks for the replies, no one has ever seen it run with that carb, lots of hands in the mix over the years, I wonder about the double gaskets or even a smear of Form aGasket, there supposed be some sort of “O” to put on the E tube supposed to be better than trying to polish it to stop the leak , looks like I will have to do more research.


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I have had to polish the seat on every flojet I use. It works most of the time. I set the float so it sits a bit deeper in the bowl, too.
I've seen similar but with a Q-Tip and metal polishing paste. I think it was that Mustie1 guy on Youtube and he used a Q-tip chucked into a cordless drill to lightly polish the seat at variable speeds. The polishing compound that he used on the Q-tip may have been Flitz or even toothpaste (which has fine grit in it), not sure.
It is likely the carb has been rebuilt before. Most rebuild kits available today send you a nozzle that is meant to run leaner than the old engines for emissions. Try a Briggs 23222 nozzle. I was surprised at the difference.