Revisiting the Lemon Peeler....aka Ruttman Spyder

#1 this was a project I started collecting parts for about 8 years ago...I think. I entered it in a build off at some point and obviously didn't finish it. The story is..after getting the frame back from powder coating I went to assemble it. While doing so I had some powder start flaking off in big particles. I basically lost my mind and set the bike to the side up until a couple weeks ago. They put it on too thick and didn't properly cure it. Literally it had runs in the powder from all the extra build up. For those of you who don't know me...yes I have been known to walk away from projects for years. I rather walk away then rush it and have it turn out like crap...:p. originally started with a Honda GX200 I think...but after sitting so long it eventually was upgraded to a Hemi motor. The frame is out getting redone at QC Coatings at the moment. They pretty much have been doing all my BMX, car parts and minis every since this original failure by another local company. Not trying to do a shameless plug...but they do great work. So within the next week I should have it back and start assemble yet again. Here is a pick of the frame and forks just because a post needs at least one starter pic. Thanks, and sorry for the people who originally followed this build and wondered what happened.:(
new pics 251.jpg
#8 it back from powder coating this morning before work. It is still bright..but my phone is from 1990 so the pic isn't the Assembly begins tomorrow....
Nice bike! What’s the bmx in the back?
Thanks....That is one of my SE Quadangles.

What fenders are those? How wide at the widest point? I need fenders for mine but I want them to fit the tires. I have 14.5/70-6 tires. They are 14.5" tall, 5 3/8" wide and when I look online it is tough to get any exact details for them.
Those are original Ruttman fenders. Are you looking specifically for ones to fit a Ruttman? Or just ones in general to fit those tires in general?
Ruttman fenders are only 4 1/8'' wide. Let me dig through my fenders....I got a set of universal style fenders from OMB Warehouse for another build that fit that size tire and were good priced. Give me a day or so and I will message you with my findings.
Thanks. I am having trouble figuring out what will fit by the descriptions and posted information. I was looking at some Harley bobber fenders too, but it would be a lot more comfortable if I could actually see the way they fit to the radius of the tire.