Rims to fit a Fox Spoke Wheel Bike

I bought a faux fox with those wheels on it.
Not sure why or how the dude did it through.
He went away from the stock wheel and used those rims.
So instead of having a stock axle bolt he drilled the fork and swing arm for a larger axle bolt.
He also used an aftermarket sprocket, and a 212 Predator engine.
In short he ruined the fox.
Why did I buy it you ask?
To save it I hope.
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Oh yeah,
I'm having the same problem that last owner probably had the same problem I'm seeing, original rims rusted out along the bead & rip tubes.
Sourcing new rim & spokes for a rebuild is proving difficult.

I've been wondering for about two weeks now if those rims and sprocket would fit the bike and line up with the rear caliper.

Looks like it does?

I'm talking with a repair shop who is looking into it along with me.
What's your situation friend? Do you have the original hubs or just what's in the picture?
Just what's in the picture.
The dude pitched the original wheel in the trash.
Even at the he is nearly 200 miles from me.
Your wisest move would be if your going with aftermarket wheels.
Is if you have the rusted original wheels is take the wheel bears spacers and see if the fit in the aftermarket.
That way you won't have drill out your fork and swing arm.
As for the sprocket, mine on the Faux Fox is not stock either.
Many want check your wheel source for an offset or dished sprocket.
I would post a photo of the sprocket but the file is to large.
Good luck.


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Hello, Do you have a photo and measurements for the wheels?

I may have a pair? $$?? plus shipping from Canada,:confused:

Tires, which say " Fox Corp " are well worn as is the rear sprocket but, wheels
painted black, look good.