Rough Idle and engine stalls out with throttle (sometimes) please help!

Hello everyone,
I'm new to this thread and to minibikes in general, so I'll try to include as much info as I can.

I have a Coleman CT200u 196cc 6.5 HP minibike, that is about a year old and maybe about 25 miles on it, so relatively mint condition.

For the first few months when I rode it, I didn't take the choke completely off before I drove it long hauls at full RPM, (I know, really stupid) and I only knew something was up when it started acting really weird. turns out i completely smoked my spark plug, which has now been replaced. The bike runs relatively normal now, or as well as it did to begin with

So now: the problem
When I start the bike with the choke on, it starts really fast, which is nice, but then when I let it idle for a second it sounds really choppy and jumpy. Not sure if this is normal, but I feel like it could contribute to my problem. Next, when I get on the bike, turn the choke off, and try to give the slightest bit of throttle, the engine cuts out. So then I will wait a bit, because maybe it hasn't warmed up yet(?) I'll try it again and it will work, and I'll drive down the street, and stop at a stop sign, let the bike return to idle, but when I try to touch the throttle, the bike will cut out again.

Other possibly useful information:
-After the bike stalls out, I can't start it with the choke off, I have to put it all the way back on before it will start
-I sprayed tsome Carb Cleaner in the carborator, and drained the fuel bowl when I switchd the spark plug
-I removed the governor a while ago and switched the rear sprocket

Thank you for any help I can get
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Sounds like a carb problem to me....does it run better with the choke half way on ? Maybe you need to clean the carb and mainly the high and low side jet in the carb.
When I used to leave the choke halfway on it did run better, up until i smoked my spark plug. Would just spraying carb cleaner work? Or should I try and take it apart and clean it? (I'm really pretty new at this, so that might be tough)