Rupp 11186 kickstand Continentals, econocycle, cub XL350 C350 C220 etc..


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Part number for this particular stand/version is rupp #11186 was used on the 64-66 continentals, 1967 C series, the econocycle/cub 1964-1968, 1968 XL350 c350 and c250. The 1969 model bikes (as well as 1970 chopper and 1971 rascal) used a different style kickstand with a welded on tab due to updated motor mount plate design, While this style/size stand may work, I have never tried.

This is used in conjunction with the #11146 bracket which is available through

$95 each shipped lower 48

IMG_3800.JPG IMG_3801.JPG IMG_3802.JPG IMG_3803.JPG IMG_3804.JPG IMG_3805.JPG IMG_3806.JPG shipped lower 48