Rupp or not

I recently picked up a bike and am tring to determind if it is a rupp or not. Does anyone know how to tell if it one or not?


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Steelwill, welcome to the forum!

The best thing for you to do would be post a picture in this thread and we can help out.

You can post a picture by replying to the thread and scrolling down on the page until you see "Manage Attachments" - Browse your computer for the file and upload it.

I'm sure we'll be able to help you out!
Well I guess when my money gets right I may start going through it. Does anyone have pictures of some with original paint and stuff like that?
Thanks Hent,

It was purchased new and kept on one of our boats. Everyone used it for transportation at Kelly's Island, Ohio. It then spent 15 years in the garage until I found it and revived it. It's street legal and is great to ride around town.
Those are some nice bikes. O.k I was looking at a blue one on line I may go with that color. I may post some pictures of other bikes that I have done.
Ok here is my first restore project I didn't completely go through it

Heres after.

Can you believe someone was throwing this bad boy away.
I am tring to find some of my other projects I will post the pictures when I find them.