Rupp TT500 for sale

This bike is mocked up and ready for paint. Engine that is in it has been tricked out . Aluminum rod and other assorted amenities. The original engine goes with it also. Is rebuilt also. Has a broken tap in crank shaft but you can still bolt clutch on. Tons of new parts. E mail me for more pictures. 14AB019E-8E27-4C03-AC48-9E18B4EF25E6.jpeg 3E14490B-FF1E-4774-9E4C-06B6BDC0ECA2.jpeg 55FF3186-C133-4437-93F3-E5414CFCA777.jpeg 3D55A85C-E953-46C5-BA53-4CE5CB14C52E.jpeg AF51E6F9-6B45-446A-BBA2-05B43E506FCE.jpeg Has lots of parts that go with it. 4.000.00