SAD Day - Going to have to sell everything, but theres a ray of sunshine

Well Never thought this day would come, but it has.

Sea Rescue South Africa is a organization to be reckoned with, every year it grows from strength to strength. The other day they advertised for a training officer post the first of its kind (training is normally done on station level by volunteers). The wife said why don't you put in your CV, I thought there's no way I'm ever going to get a paying job doing what I love to do as a volunteer. It came down to 3 applications and last week I got the call. The job is MINE, damn near did flick flacks down the street.

Problem is we have to relocate the whole family to Cape Town and property there ain't what it is in PE, it will be a long while moving up the ladder before I can get a shop the same size as what I have now. On the Plus side Mrs Tank might not have to work, the boys go to better schools, the standard of living is better and my Job Rocks.

So I have Three small crates into which to pack my tools and the rest has to go. Shame you guys aren't closer and shipping is so costly, I'd let you bid. Two of the bikes are going to family and the rest is up for sale.

Not to worry I'm hoping to finish the build off and then I'll still be here like a tick on a dog.

Wish me luck boys and girls, the next to months are going to be a whirlwind .
Thanks Guys,

Have been so nervous looking for a house, finally found one and am putting in an offer tomorrow. It has three bedrooms and a garden flat, I'll let the misses think its for guests and then slowly move the shop in there :laugh::laugh: Its gonna be a tight fit, but looking forward to it
Well you still have this forum to come to and a new adventure ahead. I had to move a few times and always managed to set up a shop both large and small and while a big shop is nice it really does not matter how big as it will get filled with stuff (junk) anyway (if you collect stuff like the rest of us). I am at the age now where all the stuff I have collected over the years needs to be sold as I don't have enough years to do it all.


Banned - Must pay $500
Good Luck to You and the family Tank. Also Congratulations.

Sad that you'll loose some of your toys, best part is ya get to build new ones, :laugh: